Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing emphasizes the increase in visibility of your brand and its higher ranking on search engine pages though paid advertising. This kind of website promotion follows a targeted focused approach, done with the purpose of displaying relevant businesses at the top of search engine results whenever the right keywords are accessed.

PurpleSense’s SEM services are multi-pronged, versatile and tailored towards individual business needs. Our SEM approach is goal oriented, woven around direct marketing principles such as achieving ROI’s, maximize revenues and cost per acquisitions. We help you harness the enormous potential of this key marketing channel from strategy phase through to complete execution.

    PurpleSense’s SEM approach includes,

    • Complete management of your SEM campaigns, including content creation, landing page development, bid management and competitor analysis
    • Use high value bid management marketing tools for customized deployment of portfolio and other optimization techniques
    • Devise search engine marketing solutions for your brand and business
    • Optimize post-click and robust landing page testing
    • Leverage business development and acquisition efforts globally through SEM tools across major global search engines
    • Conduct comprehensive analytics to monitor and tailor campaigns to fit in with your needs