Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing strategies have in the last few years managed to leverage a wide variety of businesses, by engaging with customers who use handheld devices. With mobiles becoming the most sought-after tech gadget in the market and increasingly engaging people, the segment exponentially growing in the market.

Mobile marketing strategy from Purple Sense involves capturing user interest and engaging with them through carefully thought out tools, apps and strategies based on industry, target audience and budgets.

    Purple Sense’s Mobile Marketing Strategy involves,

    • Creating ‘app based’ marketing involving customized mobile apps targeted towards particular audiences, helping them connect with the brand’s vision and focus.
    • Conceptualizing in-game mobile marketing through paid banner advertisements, pop-up’s and video ads.
    • Strategizing mobile payment options that work for different, location and coupon enabled mobile responsive site
    • Designing mobile responsive sites and optimizing them with features to make the experience seamless
    • SMS marketing through well thought out, targeted and customized SMS campaigns