Email Marketing

Online email marketing is targeted, personalized approach to connect with target audiences and deliver the brand and its message right into their mail inbox. Email marketing has been the top marketing driver since many years and despite the growth and influence of social media, has managed to sustain itself as the go-to marketing strategy for businesses across industries.

PurpleSense’s email marketing strategy leverages the power of the digital medium and direct marketing solutions to put together a bouquet of targeted technological solutions and innovative ideas that can help clients acquire, engage and converse with their audience.

    With its tailored email strategy, PurpleSense works towards,

    • Designing a multi-channel market intelligence solution to obtain customer behaviour, channel activity and purchase behaviour across demographics
    • Creating logical and actionable data segments for targeted marketing
    • Personalized and populating email templates with dynamic intuitive content
    • Increasing contextual content disbursement
    • Creating vivid and attractive emailers with customized features, such as ‘Call to action’ buttons, creatives and visuals for a holistic user experience
    • Take email from a mass tool to one that is very personal, interactive and optimized to be the heart of your marketing strategy