Content Marketing

Content marketing is communicating to an audience and sending the right message at the right time with a definite purpose. Marketing ensures that the content which is created around businesses not just builds brand awareness, but also trust which influences buying decisions.

Content marketing strategy is defined by identifying user personas, their queries from a buyer’s perspective and designing the available content to address these queries. The content marketing team – marketers, creatives, stakeholders – work together, to decide what type of content must be sent out in what form, whether textual, infographics or videos.

Purple Sense works with businesses to create this content brief, put together a mix of content to fulfil a buyer’s need. We work with you to create and share fresh, engaging and relevant content which will earn you trust and credibility. Content is a hook, that can keep your customers coming back for more. We work on identifying ‘the hook’ and helping you convert potential leads into buyers.

    As a part of the content marketing strategy, we,

    • Design a strategic marketing approach focused on creation and distribution of valuable design content through different online channels
    • Tailor content towards target audiences and measure their impact and reach based on pre-discussed metrics
    • Plan, implement and measure performance and optimize content marketing campaigns to drive site traffic, engage with the brand and buy into the product and service.
    • Understand user experience and personalize campaigns based on their specific reach and purpose