Marketing Collaterals

A company’s communication is an important part of its marketing strategy, and collaterals are media tools that convey the company’s primary messaging about its products and services to consumers and channel partners.  Besides fulfilling the purpose of their creation, they also help in brand recall, make sales efforts easy and very effective.

Purple Sense’s bouquet of marketing collaterals, include print and digital media to facilitate information distribution in the online and offline space. These include blogs, newsletters, stationary, websites, catalogues, infographics, hoardings and print ads.

    By associating with Purple Sense, you can be assured of;

    • The conceptualizing, design and curation of ‘advertising collaterals’ such as fact sheets, company history, product fact sheets and company mission statements used by the company’s sales team.
    • ‘Print Collaterals’ like brochures, print ads and catalogues including stationary items – business cards, envelopes and letterheads – that will represent the company and the values it stands for
    • Conceptualize and design ‘Targeted Collaterals’ which includes television ads, animation videosand other tools with specific purpose and deliverables
    • ‘Guerilla Collaterals’ which are a specific tactical marketing tool that involves designing of optimal techniques with quick and sure results.Custom greeting cards for personalizedexperiencesand print advertisement on vehicles for marketing are a few examples.