Logo Design

Logos have always been considered symbolic representations of brands and businesses. They visually represent what the company is about, its values and ethos, what drives the brand and the kinds of services they offer. A badly conceptualized logo can destroy the brand while a carefully designed one can make the brand connect and instil brand loyalty in customers. Corporates and retailers are defined by their logos. Individuals and entities are also using logos as a clever marketing tool to convey what they are about without any textual inputs.

PurpleSense’s logo design team comprise of an experienced set of professionals – visual artists and designers, who work holistically to give your company and brand the right symbolism. We understand what your company and industry is all about before giving you a bespoke logo design, which can visually convey more than words can.

    Logo Design by PurpleSense,

    • Unique, bespoke and customized
    • Conveys your brand identity and organisation ethos
    • Merges your company values and existing design trends
    • Solidifies your consumer base and brand recall across various online mediums
    • Engages consumers and acts as a powerful marketing tool
    • Builds brand loyalty and recall