Explainer Video

Explainer videos breathe life into a brand’s story. Textual and visual communications are the two core methodologies that have been used successfully to drive businesses since the last few years. Explainer videos take this messaging to an entirely new level. With the rapidity at which content is consumed and reduced attention spans, videos are quickly becoming the future of communication across industries. Their conceptualizing, design and messaging help explain the business and its value to the target audience in a short span of time.

At PurpleSense we conceptualize, design and deliver explainer and demo videos that can be effectively used for a business’ marketing and communication strategies. We understand the message that needs to be conveyed and work with a creative team of writers, visualizers, videographers and artists to put them together. These can be used to engage audiences, attract prospective clients, increase sales, build trust and create engagement.

    PurpleSense’s explainer videos,

    • Targeted, focused and conceptualized to deliver messaging, promote product and services, educate customers and build awareness
    • Videos can be used throughout the customer’s 4-step purchasing process ‘Awareness – Consideration - Decision – Retention’ to increase conversion rates and build businesses.
    • Disburse information in a creative and engaging way
    • Simplify complex products and processes and make them simple, easily understandable
    • Convert visitors and use the power of storytelling to help them get hooked to your brand
    • An effective way to tell about your services and products to your customers